Lower CoL with a Big Dose of Social Consciousness

“Picture Silicon Valley, but with more seasoned inhabitants, a much lower cost of living and a big dose of social consciousness. That could be Lancaster if the visionary people at Aspire Ventures, LLC have their way.” — Heather Stauffer, Central Penn Business Journal.

Aspire Ventures was featured in the Central Penn Business Journal on May 16, 2014, in Introducing Aspire, the venture company in Lancaster County, sharing our mission to help people have better quality of life through the Internet of Things by investing great technology for global good, and why Lancaster is the ideal location for driving innovation.

“That could be Lancaster if the visionary people at Aspire VC LLC have their way. “VC” usually stands for “venture capitalist,” but Aspire is aiming for a different model: Venture Company. Its four founders — Sam Abadir, David Kennedy, Jeff Lehman and Bill Spire — have banded together for what they describe as a new method of investing that will dramatically reduce the cost and time to market for companies that empower people worldwide.”

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