Daibetter* Completes First World Trial, Prepares for U.S. in June

Working with renowned Dutch clinic, Diabeter, Daibetter* gathered a wide variety of data from patients of the clinic for use with their machine learning software. Daibetter* believes there are many applications for the data, with the highest use being to predict future blood sugars. Proving the models requires data. Hence, the trial with Diabeter. Daibetter* EIR RenĂ© Bruinsma worked with the volunteers and physicians to gather key metrics, including insulin, carbohydrate, activity and blood sugar data.”We were grateful to everyone at Diabeter for partnering with us,” said Bruinsma. Together, we believe we can create better outcomes for patients with diabetes, and the completion of this trial is a first critical step in the journey.” Diabeter, given their recent acquisition by insulin pump manufacturer Medtronic, clearly understands that technology plays a key role in the future management of diabetes. While data scientists will spend the coming weeks putting the data through machine learning algorithms, the Daibetter* team is already preparing for their first US beta test, in conjunction with Diabetes Training Camp.

Held each year in Lancaster, PA, Diabetes Training Camp is an adult-only camp, offering attendees the opportunity to learn to better manage their blood sugars through exercise. Daibetter* EIR Peter Funcke explained the difference between the two trials.”With Diabeter, our focus was on getting the data and applying it to machine learning. In that case, it was our people working with the physicians to get that data. For maximum use and efficiency, we believe our tools need to be in the hands of the person with diabetes. So while we’ll be applying machine learning to the data to build insights, Diabetes Training Camp actually marks the debut of a product that a person can use to do the uploading themselves. The product is called Acuity, and it really represents the maximum insights for a person with diabetes willing to contribute a healthy amount of data.”

Daibetter* will be on hand for the duration of Diabetes Training Camp to assist with training on Acuity. After camp, attendees will be asked to upload their data on a weekly basis for seven additional weeks. 

*Daibetter, formerly Tempo Health, LLC

Two Weeks – Two Investor Meetings

Aspire Ventures was host to two separate investor meetings over the past week. Last week, we welcomed the Aspire investors to our Annual Investor Summit. For them, it served as an opportunity to get updates on the direction of the company, as well as learn about the recent performance of portfolio companies, appMobi, MedStatix, Wylei, Daibetter* and Disfa, in addition to some great projects on the horizon.Earlier this week marked the appMobi Shareholder Meeting, with similar content, albeit more focused on appMobi, MedStatix and Wylei, both of which leverage the former with their own unique technologies. For some of the investors, it was their first time at the new Aspire HQ, as well as their first time to interact with the Entrepreneurs in Residence. For CEO, Sam Abadir, this interaction is one of the highlights of the events.”Smart investors aren’t just interested in technology,” he said. “They’re equally as interested in the people behind those technologies. These types of events give everyone the ability to share in the vision and the passion behind our accomplishments for today and our goals for tomorrow.”Those who wished to attend but were unable to were also able to live stream the events.

*Daibetter, formerly Tempo Health, LLC

Music to Our Ears

Who doesn’t love a good looking piano? Today, we were thrilled to see the Aspire Ventures logoed piano wheeled just outside of our building on North Queen Street in Lancaster. This will be one of more than a dozen decorated pianos placed around the city all summer long as part of the Keys for the City Program put on by Music for Everyone. MedStatix’s own Scott Haiges sits on the Board of this wonderful organization. If you’re making your way downtown, be sure to take a moment to tickle the ivories!