Managing COVID-19 Exposure With Crowd Tracing

As we enter winter, with fewer options to be outdoors, our personal choices can impact our risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus even more. The New England Journal of Medicine publication showed real-world examples of the effectiveness of masks and social distancing in mitigating severity of COVID-19 infection and keeping people asymptomatic. CNN reported on a study that showed people who contracted COVID-19 were twice as likely to have visited a restaurant in the prior two weeks. What if we had actionable crowding, mask usage, and social distancing data that we could analyze to inform our daily decisions to keep us safe?

Aspire Ventures, an AWS partner, has developed the Clio GO pass system — a new venue-entry system that helps track COVID-19 exposure through kiosks and mobile phones in a completely privacy-preserving way. It uses a new technology called crowd tracing, which allows users to assess whether certain locations and venues meet their risk profile. Crowd tracing data is COVID-19 location-scouting data, which helps answer the question of how much risk may be associated with entering a particular crowd.

Read the Amazon press release here.