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On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, the entire Aspire Ventures team will collaborate to build an MVP (Minimally Viable Product) in its first-ever Aspire Hackathon. Initiated by Aspire CTO Rosco Schock, the team will test the limits to see how much can truly be developed while learning from the processes and mistakes conducted within the workday.

What is a Hackathon?

Well for most software engineers and creative designers it is a chance to get together, have a lot of fun and push really hard to see what can be created in a day or perhaps a weekend. Lots of companies run a Hackathon to encourage developers to check out their new APIs or platforms or to help get new apps into their app stores by offering prizes or just to help evangelize their platform, devices and programming tools. If you have never been to one, it is quite an experience with a lot of energy.

So how can this be applied to innovation within a company that isn't creating their own new devices or platforms?

Here at Aspire Ventures, we are preparing our first internal Hackathon, not to push anything new out to the public but to create energy and see what we can accomplish in a single day if we have everyone work on just one focused task. The goal is to see if we can learn lessons and adjust process to be more efficient and more driven in our daily tasks and projects. Oh, and to eat a whole lot of pizza!!

Here is a good example of the types of accomplishments achieved at Hackathons:

Stay tuned for an update with pictures and a recap.