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This week Clio Health, an Aspire company, held a ground breaking ceremony for their flagship facility in Lancaster PA. The event didn’t just mark the literal breaking of ground for construction, it also marked the beginning of a ground-breaking model for healthcare, as PA state representative Mike Sturla noted in his opening remarks at the ceremony. Clio Health Lancaster will be the first of many Clio facilities to open nationwide in an initiative to revolutionize the healthcare experience.

It’s amazing how quickly a good idea can gain momentum and attract the support needed to become a reality. The Clio Health vision to transform healthcare with facilities that bring together leading-edge technologies and innovative operating procedures for a more affordable, patient-centered experience began a little over a year and a half ago. Now partners at every level are coalescing around Clio’s initiative to change the healthcare model. At the celebration on Tuesday, August 30, there was a strong showing of support, not only from those within the business and healthcare community, but also from local government.

“Good things come to those who wait,” Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray said at the event. Gray recalled how the city rejected earlier proposals from Walmart to develop the property. It was fortunate they did, Gray said, because now Lancaster will play a role in the future of healthcare, with a Clio facility that will create professional jobs, that will benefit the community, and that will point the way forward in healthcare for the rest of the country.

The new 144,000 square-foot facility, to be completed in late 2017, will house 4 operating rooms, a variety of practices, and more than 20 physicians who are dedicated to innovating care delivery. Using state-of-the-art technologies developed by Aspire’s ventures and other technology partners, providers at Clio Health will employ innovative operational procedures that will streamline care, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes. The Clio Health team is also working on plans for a second 35,000 square-foot building on the same site with a hotel to serve patients’ families.

“It’s not just another healthcare facility,” Aspire Ventures CEO Essam Abadir said at the event. “We intend to leverage breathtaking technology to radically improve the healthcare experience. Clio Health Lancaster is where it starts.”