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The computer, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said, is like a bicycle for the mind.

It’s an apt analogy, but as the number of computing devices explodes, consumers are beginning to wonder, just how many bicycles do we need?

With the endless stream of innovations and iterations in hardware, consumers are beginning to get gadget fatigue, according to a recent article by Mark Inskip in Venture Beat.

The reason, Inskip says, is because we’ve reached a technological traffic jam, with too many gadgets and too little integration between them. 

The next big disruptor to move technology forward won’t be some exciting new piece of hardware, it will be a comprehensive integration of the tech we already have, Inskip writes, one that puts consumers’ needs first and enables more data sharing between devices.

To achieve that, companies will need to create better feedback loops with consumers. And as Artificial Intelligence gets better and better at understanding consumer behavior, it will play a much bigger role in guiding more meaningful innovations.

Steve Jobs is also famous for saying that a lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. And while that’s proven to be true for a good many Apple products and other devices, it might be time to start listening to what people need.