Aspire Ventures is made up of a dedicated team of individuals passionate about changing the world. Bringing a wide breadth of experience, our team shares a common mission of transforming industries and impact investment.

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Essam Abadir: Founder, Managing Director, CEO of Aspire Ventures

Essam Abadir

Founder, Managing Director, CEO

Essam is an inventor, investor, and international expert in technology foundational to the Internet of Things (IoT). His passion lies in applying technology toward basic human needs. An MIT graduate and IP attorney, he founded several of the earliest and fastest-growing technologies and companies in digital advertising, cloud storage, video on demand, music streaming, and mobile app platforms—most recently Appmobi, which exited its tools division to Intel in 2013.

David Kennedy: Managing Director of Aspire Ventures

David Kennedy

Managing Director

With a wealth of distinguished business experience and marketing expertise, Dave’s vision has helped define the company’s strategy for leveraging the synergies of Aspire’s proprietary tools in mobile technology, cloud computing, and machine learning. Before his strategic role at Aspire, Dave had a long career within the media industry, including the role of CEO for Susquehanna Media Co., one of the major radio, cable and internet companies in the United States at the time. He was also an early investor in Appmobi, where he ultimately became CEO and guided the company to a successful exit of its tools division with Intel.

Jeffrey Lehman: Managing Director of Aspire Ventures

Jeffrey Lehman

Managing Director

A founding investor in Aspire, Jeff has extensive business expertise, most prominently as the CEO of Shank’s Extracts Inc., one of the leading vanilla bean importers and flavor manufacturers in the world. He is also experienced in the finance and healthcare industries, and has served on the boards of both Susquehanna Bank and Lancaster General Health. At Aspire Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help formulate and achieve the Aspire vision.

Bob Redcay: Managing Director of Aspire Ventures

Bob Redcay

Managing Director

Robert brings a great deal of experience and success in real estate development throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As the president and founder of Redcay Development Companies, Bob has developed educational, residential, commercial, and industrial properties valued over $1 Billion. At Aspire, Bob lends his expertise to develop the first Clio Smart Health campus at the Lancaster Stockyards.

Peter West: Chief Financial Officer of Aspire Ventures

Peter West

Chief Financial Officer

A seasoned strategic financial expert, Pete has called on his 18 years of experience as a financial manager to provide strategic financial planning and guidance to Aspire Ventures since the firm’s inception. He founded WE Consulting LLC in 2008, served as CEO and general manager of Environmental Recovery Corporation where he increased company sales by 361 percent, and previously served as a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot in the US Army.

Allison Lowery: Chief Operating Officer of Aspire Ventures

Alison Lowery

Chief Operating Officer

With 25 years of experience in diversified operations, technology, and product management experience, Alison has a passion for empowering great ideas, strengthening teams, and realizing a true vision through cutting-edge technology. Before joining Aspire, she served as a VP of Engineering at several tech and marketing companies, including Real Media, Simulmedia, and Tacoda, where she was responsible for building a groundbreaking behavioral targeting program. At Aspire, Alison utilizes patentable methods on big data to build portfolio companies from the ground up.

Todd Bartos: General Counsel of Aspire Ventures

Todd Bartos

General Counsel

A business and health litigator with special expertise in risk mitigation, enhanced patient protocols, and healthcare safety, Todd leverages more than 20 years of experience in the field to implement a safety platform and operational protocol for all Clio Health campuses. With rich experience serving clients across the country on issues spanning governance, healthcare, employment, and structural issues; Todd also plays the important role of general legal counsel for all of Aspire’s ventures and affiliates, including Clio Health.