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While brands spent vast sums of money kicking off advertising blitzes at the Super Bowl this year with $5 million TV ads and digital campaigns, new trends in media consumption reveal they may have missed some marketing opportunities.

According to this article in Venture Beat, half of those watching sports content do so on a mobile device, PC, gaming console, or smart TV. Indeed, it’s a new era for TV viewership as online video replaces traditional channels. So what does that mean for advertisers?

Although the big budget TV ads can steal the media spotlight, many brands overlooked a digital marketing avenue that has a higher return on investment: email. And with more people on their devices than ever—not only checking their email between plays but also supplementing their viewing experience with other online content—the opportunities to reach consumers with email advertising during big TV events are greater than ever.

Knowing how to reach customers and generate sales with email takes particular savvy. Not only do you need to know who to reach, when to reach them, and how; you also need to have an efficient way of doing so. Personalized approaches that tailor ads to individuals in particular contexts are gaining a lot of traction with a lot of brands, but there’s clearly a lot of room for growth. When it comes to intelligent solutions for hyper-targeted emails, Aspire venture Wylei is on top of their game.

Wylei’s predictive emails give companies an easy way to send individualized, context-specific emails that harness user data to self-assemble when the user opens the email. That can be an extremely useful marketing tool for any brand looking for an easy way to personally reach customers when they’re most likely to engage, like during a super bowl, an Academy Awards ceremony, or political debate.

Leading up to Super Bowl 50 last week, Wylei ran an email campaign for Marriot International that incorporated this touching super bowl-related video:

Within two weeks the video has 1.5 million views and counting.

Using sophisticated tools like the Wylei platform to create smarter email strategies is the easiest way to get the biggest bang for your buck. But don’t take our word for it, read the article here.