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Here at the Aspire Venture Lab we’re proud to support companies who are truly leading the way in their industries. We always knew Wylei was on the cutting edge with their innovative approach to digital marketing.  It’s only natural that a company specializing in predictive content would be a few steps ahead of the competition.

The industry leaders in E-commerce and digital marketing have noticed, and some of the world’s most recognized brands are partnering with Wylei to stay ahead of the game.  

The result? Jaw-dropping growth in 2015.

Wylei increased their volume of marketing emails month to month at an average of 84 percent. That means they’ve been nearly doubling their output every single month. They also grew their client base by over 150 percent with major brands like Adidas Group, Unilever, and Charter Communications. They also showed monthly revenue growth of 62 percent.

Those are impressive numbers. And judging by what journalists and marketing experts are saying about trends to expect in 2016, it’s probably safe to predict that Wylei is in for another good year to come. Learn more about how Wylei is ahead of digital marketing trends on their blog here.