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Aspire Ventures was host to two separate investor meetings over the past week. Last week, we welcomed the Aspire investors to our Annual Investor Summit. For them, it served as an opportunity to get updates on the direction of the company, as well as learn about the recent performance of portfolio companies, appMobi, MedStatix, Wylei, Daibetter* and Disfa, in addition to some great projects on the horizon.Earlier this week marked the appMobi Shareholder Meeting, with similar content, albeit more focused on appMobi, MedStatix and Wylei, both of which leverage the former with their own unique technologies. For some of the investors, it was their first time at the new Aspire HQ, as well as their first time to interact with the Entrepreneurs in Residence. For CEO, Sam Abadir, this interaction is one of the highlights of the events."Smart investors aren't just interested in technology," he said. "They're equally as interested in the people behind those technologies. These types of events give everyone the ability to share in the vision and the passion behind our accomplishments for today and our goals for tomorrow."Those who wished to attend but were unable to were also able to live stream the events.

*Daibetter, formerly Tempo Health, LLC