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It has been an eventful summer for Aspire Ventures. All of our companies have been making very big strides towards impacting their respective industries in powerful ways. Last week we wrote about the exciting growth at Medstatix and their recent partnership with athenahealth. Now, we’re pleased to report that Aspire’s oldest venture, Appmobi, has been creating some industry buzz of their own with the release of their new mobile app security platform Protection Center.

The dearth of security measures in mobile apps has become a major issue in the industry. According to Gartner, 75 percent of mobile apps will fail basic security tests. As demand for app development continues to dramatically outpace IT capacity, implementing robust protections continues to take a backseat to functionality. And when it comes to maintaining security, it falls on IT teams who have limited control because they didn’t’ have a hand in the app’s development.

Protection Center is the first-of-it’s-kind solution that gives IT teams an easy-to-implement tool for unmatched power to track and analyze in-app activity for security threats and to automatically resolve threats and hack attempts in real time. 

“IT teams can't keep up with the devices they have in the field, let alone the apps running on those devices,” Appmobi CEO Mark Stutzman says. “Protection Center launches with a host of predefined events and rules that can be enabled in seconds for existing or new apps, meaning apps are protected right away and IT teams can catch up on family time when they go home in the evening.”

Since its release two weeks ago, Protection Center has already been met with enthusiasm, appearing in articles on SD Times, Yahoo Finance, BetaNews, and Network World. By offering a very wide set of capabilities and custom controls that are easy to use, Appmobi has landed on something special. 

“It’s not just a mobile security analytics platform,” Stutzman says. “It’s a fully customizable mobile app cyber security tracking and remediation platform.” 

To find out more about how Appmobi’s innovative solution works, check out their video here: