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Aspire uses a rigorous approach and focused strategic resources to advance ventures quickly from concept to market.

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Appmobi is a product-stage venture that offers cognitive cybersecurity tools and services to secure mobile applications and IoT devices. Security Kit™ helps developers secure developed apps at the code level from the start – making it as easy on developers as adding a plugin. Protection Center™ offers IT management easily implemented mobile application activity monitoring, threat detection, and threat remediation in a single easy-to-use solution that complements any existing EMM solutions currently in place.


Clio Health

Mobile Health Plan

Clio Health is a mobile health plan which guides members to a personalized experience to quantifiably improve health and wellness.

Connexion Health

Connexion Health

Healthcare Technology

Connexion combines biometric scans and a broad array of virtual AI-assisted apps, all seamlessly linked to providers and portable health records for a streamlined, more connected healthcare experience.



Health and Wellness Technology

Fusionetics+ offers the first sub-millimeter markerless motion capture algorithms from commercial off-the-shelf hardware. It was designed to digitize the market-leading Fusionetics musculoskeletal assessment system used by hundreds of top pro and college teams.



Patient Experience Platform

With over six million completed surveys, the MedStatix Patient Experience Platform™ is a quantitative and qualitative analysis platform that delivers healthcare providers and administrators actionable insights from the voice of their patients. Through meaningful patient engagements, MedStatix is able to measure and improve every patient experience.



Healthcare Technology

Nanodyne Labs is a large scale, high conductivity, low cost, environmentally safe graphene production capability with cost equivalent to copper; unlocks incredibly sensitive sensors.



Digital Security Technology

Powch securely enables transactions through your mobile device (including payment information, health records, banking, passwords, cryptocurrency, and more…) and provides you with immediate access to your information, whenever you need it.



Healthcare Technology

SweetMotion offers a smarter way to manage diabetes. Through personalized, data-driven healthcare apps, we provide you with customized insights to take control of your disease management.



Healthcare Technology

VitaVista provides AI-assisted medical image analysis and assistance; it is the only imaging AI company using a meta-AI approach to automate the creation and optimization of its algorithms.



Marketing Automation

Wylei is a growth-stage venture that uses machine learning to help marketers achieve true 1-to-1 personalization in any type of digital message at scale. Wylei is an emerging leader in the marketing automation space with patented technology that enables digital ads to adapt to each unique situation and each individual for continuous up-to-the-instant relevance. Wylei is driving step-change marketing ROI’s for some of the biggest brands in the world like Marriott, Adidas, and Unilever.


Smart Health Innovation Lab

Founding members Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health designed a unique lab and certification program to give startups mentorship from a network of experts, a testing environment to validate their products, and access to enterprise-level opportunities with a network of providers and payors. The Lab is accelerating growth and fast-tracking innovations to transform healthcare.




Emovi is an early-stage medical device company that has developed the KneeKG, a device that revolutionizes knee assessment by enabling doctors to accurately assess patients’ knees in 3-D while the patient is moving and weight bearing.



Digital Health Platform

NeuroFlow is a mental health technology company that has developed a platform to optimize mental wellness and enhance patient engagement between clinical sessions with a data-driven approach to brain health.




Co-founded by Mayo Clinic, OneOme empowers more informed prescription decisions through its RightMed® test and medication optimization platform. Fast Company named OneOme one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2018, while Inc. declared it one of the five “biggest game-changing innovations in 2018.”