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One of our later-stage ventures, Wylei, is making great strides in the marketing automation space. Wylei announced this week the release of their recently patented Wylei Optimization Cloud™, an enterprise SaaS platform, increasing brand engagement and ROI by over 50%. 

Wylei has been revolutionizing digital marketing with proprietary machine learning technology that delivers truly one-to-one personalized content at scale for some of the world’s biggest brands. Their technology anticipates engagement based on behavioral patterns and automatically assembles and presents relevant content in real time, creating a unique experience to each individual every time.

Now, the pioneers of Predictive Content™ are offering their marketing automation software as a SaaS platform. This gives marketers the opportunity to build fully-optimal online campaigns to gain maximum content engagement through email, video, Facebook, and display ads.

Wylei is truly disrupting the marketing landscape by driving step-change ROIs with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. We look forward to seeing what Wylei will do next!